Hawaiian Hotel Sign

Best of the new batch… I can’t even read it but looks great. Again, a “the” in contrasting sans works well, and bonus that building looks like a 50’s stereo speaker.

Japanese Dark Beers

stout.pngThere are 3 main dark Japanese beers: Asahi Black, Yebisu Black and Kirin stout. They are sort of common and can be found at the better stores. They are all 5% alcohol and like other Japanese beers tend to be mild in flavor but high in quality and a little more akin to German rather than English brews.

There’s not a huge difference between these three but Asahi I thought was the lightest, it has almost no aroma, but good roasted flavors and was the least expensive at about $1.80.

Kirin Stout is a good, drinkable beer with nice aroma and dark flavors I’d put above Asahi for second place. Don’t be surprised by the name “stout”… Kirin’s is no where near as heavy or bitter as Guiness or American holiday stouts–I drank 5 of these in 30 minutes on the factory tour and I’m not sure I could drink as many Guiness.

The best of these was Yebisu Black. It has just slightly more aroma and flavor than the others, and I think a bit more caramel edge to the taste. It’s about the same price or more than Kirin at $2.10.

Now for the mystery winner, Ichigo Stout. I only saw this beer once, in Tokyo for $2.30, but it was my favorite. Still 5% alcohol but had the most taste, dark chocolate, roasted coffee with a rich, creamy body. Still much lighter than anyything like Murphy’s stout but this might go better with a spring/summer meal.