The Perfect Mai-Tai Weather


It’s no great revelation to blog about the nice weather in Hawaii, but what may not be so well known is that is rains practically everyday here… the weather’s otherwise so nice that no one care. A few sprinkles in the afternoon are very welcome in what sometimes can be a relentless furnace in the blazing sun. The rain clouds are a blessing too, they’re not only huge & beautiful but the shade is killer. It’s tough to take the full strength of the sun in the daytime–you need shade at high noon.

A couple miles east of Waikiki starts the mountain that forms the center of the island of Oahu. It rains every single day there, and magically stops at waikiki, the skies part and it becomes beautifully sunny. Everyday you wake up and walk outside towards the east and think “Darn! rain today” , then turn around walk a block to the beach where it’s always Summer and sunny. Amazing micro-climates in Hawaii.

Trade winds are what really makes Hawaiian weather the best in the world. Trade winds come from the East, so for Waikiki the wind comes from the cool, rainy, mountains. These winds seem to blow at a perfect 76 degrees all the time. When roasting in the open sun at 86 dog day degrees, I can’t tell you how great those trade winds feel. They are cooling in the day and warming in the night.

You can’t make a good Mai Tai in SF–it’s too cold, the ice doesn’t melt (a key ingredient, like a mint julep). For the ultimate tiki bar you can’t just set the heater to 75… it’s the slightly too warm, sticky air combined with the refreshing, cool breeze and shade that make for the full tropical experience.