April Fool’s Day


April 1st, aka April Fool’s day, aka Saint Stupid’s day (and parade) in San Francisco. I drew this old school flyer for the official after-party tomorrow. Spot me in these parade photos published in the SF Chronicle and I’ll buy you a beer!

Everything’s Air


I went to the launch party for Adobe’s new software AIR, and got this cool t-shirt by eBoy. AIR is software that allows you to build cross-platform desktop apps with Flash actionScript. The cross platform-ness is a big deal… used to take a lot of tweaking to get Director to work on Mac & Windows. Using an AIR app is a two-step process; download the free AIR software from Adobe, then install the particular app you want. For example, eBay has a dashboard app to watch your auctions in a richer environment than a web browser.

Air. The hottest marketing trend.

Adobe Air, MacBook Air, Nike Air Max (nice site). Trend Alert! What does “air” say about American marketing in 2008? Tomorrow night’s SanFlashCisco meeting features beer, pizza, and of course AIR.