Kent Myers Design — Business Objects

Scene shown above from 55-second Flash intro animation including audio.

This promotional web movie was built with Flash for Business Objects to promote their trip to the tropical paradise of Nevis, West Indies. Enterprise Events Group (EEG) owned the project and contracted Myers to art direct and animate the movie. Business Objects™ develops business intelligence solutions and software. Organized in France in 1980, this successful technology company is a market leader with revenues exceeding US$1B.

The clean white sand beaches of Nevis provided inspiration for the art direction. Myers starts with a white background that reflects the clarity of the pristine powdery sands and crystal waters. 16 stunning photos in vibrant blues and golden tans, selected for their rich colors, play throughout the piece reflecting rhythm and repetition in the accompanying music. The montage begins with introductory messaging (from associated print materials) and through a series of charming transitions (filmstrips, and sundials) builds to a climax in the signature full screen beach image.

The web movie for the Nevis adventure was so successful it became a template for future programs. Additional projects by Myers for Business Objects courtesy of EEG include the Flash web site, movie and promotional materials for Phuket, Thailand and Flash banner ads for the International Users Conference.