Kent Myers Design — Rogue Monk

Web store home page shown above.

The Rogue Monk brand was born in 2008 as the next leading purveyor of Cool. The concept was kicked-off representing products from a handful of exclusive brands like Ed Hardy Ceramics, Uncle Sneaky, and LA Airlines, along with worldwide partners for European distribution.

Under the creative direction of Walt Morton, Myers created the web store entirely and components of the parent web site. The digital storefront was built on the Shopify platform, and customized with the Liquid formatting language.

Kent's art direction in the project started with developing a color scheme that would identify the store component of the online brand and set apart the commercial enterprise from the more corporate part of the site. Stylistically we targeted a pop-youth-surf culture audience. The lack of straight-edged shapes and solid colors were keys in developing a look & feel both highly energetic and one that broke out of the grid imposed by the underlying software. Hand drawn elements layered in PNG transparencies add to the visual theme and helped achieve our goals.

The Flash animation sequence on Rogue Monk's home page creates a visual link to the store and imparts energy to the layout. Fading, bouncing, and zooming animation effects bring the characters to life and the piece builds to a climax of new product offerings with a strong call to action.