Kent Myers Design — Ku Ambiance

Home page image shown above from the web site and matching online store.

The KU-USA brand has been greatly successful in Japan since 1992, and in late 2007 opened its first American concept store in West Hollywood, CA along with an online counterpart. Kent was responsible for the implementation of the online brand for both the digital and brick & mortar stores.

In the web site for the concept store, Kent created the look, tone & feel, and graphics for all pages as well as the home page Flash animation and navigation. Kent also hand-coded the 10-page web site using semantic markup and CSS styles consistent with best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The online storefront proved to be the more challenging part of this project. Built on the Shopify platform, Kent implemented a customized design to match the retail store's web site. This dynamic site comprised of hundreds of pages was based on four unique templates coded in the Liquid language for Shopify based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Myers created a unique navigation system including breadcrumbs allowing users to easily move up or down through product categories and browse related items. Other custom features include email sharing and newsletter alerts.

The result has been a successful online brand for Ku Ambiance, and both its retail and internet stores.