Kent Myers Design — Bill Graham Presents

4-color printed theater poster, 13 x 19 inches.

Kent has been designing concert posters for San Francisco's biggest theaters for more than ten years, and one weekend in 2007 featured posters for both ends of the city. Myers designed and illustrated posters for Iggy & the Stooges at the Warfield, and for Stephen & Damian Marley (Bob Marley's Grammy-winning sons) across town at the Fillmore.

Myers created these posters for 'Bill Graham Presents', aka Live Nation, and owned by Clear Channel Communications.

The two designs above are polar opposites and show a huge range from day to night, from urban ghetto to tropical paradise—two of Myers' trademark themes. The Stooges poster was a big honor for Kent, promoting his hometown heroes from Detroit and showcasing a spooky house from his old neighborhood prior to moving to San Francisco in the '80s.

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