Kent Myers Design — Neocase

Home page of web site shown above.

Kent Myers created this web site for the newly formed US subsidiary of Wincall SAS, a successful software editor based in Paris. Kent worked directly with Neocase providing art direction and delivering the fully functional Phase One web site localized for the US market. Neocase develops business intelligence solutions and software.

The localization effort was much more than a simple translation of French to English. Several bilingual writers were used in the translation effort and Kent worked closely with them throughout the project. Due to the technical nature of the material, and cultural differences, new terms had to be introduced and many concepts needed to be entirely rewritten both verbally and visually.

Kent provided the art direction for this site reflecting the brand of the parent company Wincall in France by using the illustrations and artwork of the French designer. Kent reorganized the information, alternately grouping and expanding material into logical containers appropriate for the US sales effort. In conjunction with the web site launch, Kent developed print collateral including business cards, postcards, and assorted brochures.