Kent Myers Design — Proffiliates

Home page image from the corporate web site shown above.

Kent Myers developed this Flash animated web site for Proffiliates, a San Francisco company providing permission-based email marketing services. Kent was responsible for the art direction, animation and coding of the web site.

Based on concepts provided by the client, Kent designed a clean, clear, and simple template used throughout the site. The information is kept above the fold allowing the pages to be read at a glance. A 3 x 3 grid was set up creating a visual hierarchy of information over the page from general at the top to specific at the bottom-left. The vertical breaks are staggered between the 3 rows creating rhythm and repetition between pages.

A palette of gray tones was developed to compliment the Proffiliates logo colors and lend a sophisticated, warming feel to the site. Depth was established by combining both warm and cool shades in the buttons, backgrounds, type, and page details. Bright, very saturated colors were used in the sparse photography adding a splash of color, like a bouquet of flowers in a table setting.

Animation was used throughout the site both in the page intros and streaming information of the sidebars to the main text. The combined header animations communicate the client's core business with simple, fun illustrations. The site has been very well received and has helped Proffiliates grow their brand and business.