Kent Myers Design — Artful Travelers

Homepage art from the Flash web intro shown above.

This Flash animated web site for the Artful Travelers' luxury cruise PTV at Sea brings to life the excitement and adventure of this entertainment program. The project was owned by Enterprise Events Group in San Rafael, CA. Artful Travelers™ is a company creating unique, exciting and exclusive experiences for clients seeking luxury with artistic appreciation. The web site provides information on the Fall 2004 Mediterranean cruise program.

Kent Myers art directed and Flash animated the web site. The intro page animation is a delightful interplay of photographic and color blocks, merging and morphing into each other, inspired by cinematic pop art forms. Designed to load fast and play smoothly, the intro animation starts with simple line work and geometric objects while images load in the background. Photos appear larger and faster as the scene progresses to the full screen signature image at the end.

A rich palette of blues was developed for the web site, sampled from sky and water tones of the photographs. Contrasted to the blue background are the warm, saturated oranges and golds in the photography especially in the dining room and cabin pictures. These colors are echoed throughout the site, from the navigation down to the tiny lifeboats and details in the PTV at Sea logotype.

Kent chose the typeface Mrs. Eaves for the site messaging and navigation, a recent revival of the classic Baskerville from the 1700s but a little more stylized, and petite. The typeface evokes a mood of classical elegance, of British royalty and the highest quality of craftsmanship associated with the printer John Baskerville. Smaller type elements are set in the pixel font 04b, a font which will not anti-alias (appear blurry) and is designed for use at small sizes.

The site has proved to be very successful and popular, and has become a template for the client's future programs.