Kent Myers Design — Cadence

Artwork from the microsite shown above.

Kent Myers art directed and coded this 8-page web site for Cadence as part of their incentive travel program. Cadence™ is a large software developer in California. Enterprise Events Group (EEG) directed the project and contracted Myers for the creative web development. Since the setting was Hawaii, and the logo featured a tiki, EEG knew Myers was the perfect designer.

The color palette designed for this site evokes the jungle canopy of Hawaii with hues of lush, dense, vegetation. Tropical flowers punctuate the landscape with splashes of bright colors, reds, and oranges, complimentary to the greens. The welcome page photography is a nice example of this color contrast and sets the mood to Hawaii at a glance. The theme is carried into the display type with warm, golden browns like sunlit logs on the jungle floor.

The web page is filled with a carved wooden finish and lined with the fringe pattern coordinating with related program materials in print. The page was required to fill the user's window especially at larger sizes. View the sample site and make your browser window larger—you'll see the art stretch to fill any window.

Kent worked on more than 8 other projects for Borland through EEG including several microsites for Hawaiian destinations, Flash, video, and email announcements.