Kent Myers Design — Genentech

Scenes shown above from the 35-second Flash movie including audio.

This Flash animation was created for Genentech as a serialized web campaign to promote the introduction of a new medication, TNKase This project was lead and concepted by San Francisco agency Harrison Wilson Associates as a weekly adventure storyline which would be followed by a question/answer segment to highlight key issues connected with this new medication.

We based our animation on an Indiana Jones theme, set in Bombay, India. The King Cobra was the central figure, as it guarded the segments of the "golden bolus" which needed to be collected to advance through the story. Kent directed the Flash production and called on artist-animator Scott Reed to tackle the character design and animation of the King Cobra.

The project created was used in a pitch to Genentech and illustrated one sample weekly segment. Simple controls for pause and play are integrated in the project which is designed as a self running demo. The copy provided in our sample is for position only and indicates the main components of the project. This is not medical advice.