Kent Myers Design — Yahoo!

Samples from the campaign of 20 banners in 5 sizes shown above.

Kent Myers was an art director on this internet advertising campaign of Flash animated banners in assorted sizes for Yahoo!, the world's leading internet brand. Selected banners used PointRoll technology to dynamically increase the ad real estate as the viewer interacts. The campaign promoted 22 unique features comprising the Yahoo! Premium Services.

Yahoo's large internal creative team included an ECD, PM, SR AD, Writer, and others. Our challenge was presenting a large number of services cohesively while keeping the appearance fun, fresh, exciting and maintaining a *Wink* sort of humor. The series is based on Edward Gorey's book The Gashlycrumb Tinies except A is for Access, B is for Briefcase. Kent imbued the campaign with a scratchy, urban tone appealing to the 25-45 year old urban male target market.

Kent directed the team at Funny Garbage, a leading New York animation studio, in creating the characters and bringing them to life. A color palette suited for our storybook theme was developed in consideration of our market, and could be interchanged infinitely to keep the campaign fresh. Since these ads ran on Yahoo's own web site (and we controlled their placement) Kent pushed the spatial envelope with a bordered treatment and expanding panels that made our ads seem to pop out past the edges in a fun and unexpected way.