Kent Myers Design — Dreyer's / American Idol

Scene from the 30-second Flash introduction shown above.

Kent created this 20-second Flash animated intro for Dreyer's slow-churned ice cream web site with American Idol tie-in. Kent was contracted to create the artwork and animation by Seismicom, a San Francisco-based agency with offices in Chicago & New York. Originating in Oakland, California, the brand is known as Dreyer's in the west and as Edy's east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Flash intro above introduces the 5 new ice cream flavors and then 'pans' through the crowd like American Idol yet rendered in a classic comic style.

Another project in this same campaign included art and animation for an interactive game, featuring the ice-cream flavor Choc-n-Roll competing in a monster truck rally. A mechanic and automotive engineer from Detroit, Myers brought his passion for auto culture to this project.