About Kent Myers|Design

Kent Myers provides creative interactive design services to both agencies and direct clients. An Art Director with strong technical abilities, Kent is 60% artist, 40% programmer. Generally working alone or in association pie chartwith the client's development team, Myers has the experience and accountability to bring your creative projects in on time, on budget, and on the mark.

For larger projects Myers has assembled small teams of talent including photography, video, 3D animation, audio, print, and PHP/MySQL development.

Creating These Products:

Following is a partial list of the most common deliverables provided by KM|D.

  • Web Sites & Microsites
  • Flash Animations
  • Illustrations
  • Flash Banner Ads
  • HTML-Emails & Newsletters
  • XHTML/CSS Templates

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Design Philosophy & the Creative Process:

Why choose KM|D among the thousands of interactive designers? The difference between us and the haystack of others comes down to three qualities: creativity, attention to detail, and the client relationship. Our clients are varied, but usually fall into one of two groups; agencies filling out their staff in crunch time, and small to medium companies which may not have full-time in-house creative services.

Creativity is a major differentiator for KM|D, and the clarity, design and accessibility in our body of work demonstrate the Kent Myers style. Our clients like the look, tone & feel of our work and want more of the same. Our creativite work is powered by the client's needs, not an ego trip. Attention to detail is the hallmark of our design work and remains an essential requirement for successful advertising work. Fonts, colors, logos, treatments and their consistency both within our work and its relationship to the existing brand identity mark professional, effective creative work. We keep it polished from the broad strokes down to the individual pixel.

The client relationship is a key differentiator for KM|D. We promote long term working relationships, and are proud of the loyalty shown by our repeat customers. Many such clients think of us as their own design department just down the hall. With constant contact through email, phone, and IM, we're as close to you as needed and have perfected the virtual studio relationship over our fifteen years in the business. We're small but give to high level agency quality work with one on one attention to your needs. the end